audio Production

Audio production is our specialty. Whether you would like to have a professional voice talent or celebrity be your guide, or even narrate the tour yourself, we can suggest the best approach and then cast and produce your project. From a one-person narration to a full-blown historical re-enactment with realistic sound effects and captivating music, we can help you achieve what you need. The creative possibilities are endless. 

sound quality

Most of the time, visitors listen to audio tours using headphones. That means the highest degree of production technique and professional attention to sound quality are critically important. You want listeners to get the most from the audio experience. A poorly recorded or mixed program can distract the listener and reflect poorly on you. Level 2 Audio can assure an enjoyable and immersive experience for your visitors.


Having a well thought out and captivating script is the beginning of any production process. From original conception to the final draft, our professional creative writers can help craft an intriguing story.